Organic Food – The Naked Truth

About one fourth of Americans purchase organic food on a regular basis. You hear about it all over the place: it's in commercials, magazines, restaurants, and grocery stores. With all of the processed and unhealthy foods out there, it's difficult to eat healthy. When you use organic products you're eating food that's natural, better for you, and better for the environment. Here is a simple guide to this newest trend in food:

Organic food is grown without artificial fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, biotechnology, or irradiation. Animal foods that are organic have been fed organic feed and haven't been given synthetic growth hormones in order to increase their size. They're also allowed to roam more than other animals who are kept on farms that aren't deemed organic.

Research has shown that this type of food has better nutritional value for you. This is because vitamins and antioxidants are saved by refraining from the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers. These agents aren't meant to be eaten and certainly aren't good for us.

Since organic foods are grown without harmful chemicals, the soil is much richer which helps the plants grow and puts a stop to a lot of erosion. The groundwater is also kept cleaner which means the pesticides won't be so abundant in our water.

Pregnant women and children are especially susceptible to sickness and disease. Eating this type of health foods that hasn't been polluted, will contribute to keeping their immune systems strong.

The environment also benefits from the growth of anti aging food. First, farming organically uses approximately fifty percent less energy. Toxins and pollutants aren't being used and restrictions are closely monitored by the United States Department of Agriculture. Our environment benefits from this as well.

If you've been to the store lately, you know that organic food is pretty pricey compared to the regular food on the shelves. Some estimates have shown that it's up to fifty percent higher. Though it is expensive, it's worth it if you can afford it. If you can't afford it all the time, splurge when you can. Some of the more affected foods which ought to be bought organic include specific fruits and veggies (considered to be fragile) because they need more pesticides thus adding to those you ingest. So all the fuss you've heard over this fresher, healthier type of food is legitimate. If you want to eat healthier and help the environment then organic is the way to go.

Great Tasting Sandwiches With Speculoos

What is Speculoos? Before I start answering the question, let me provide a brief background on our food, diet and our habits regarding the same. With the changing times, our food habits and diet has undergone a change. In some cases a sea change. However some things have not changed with the changing times, like the concept of 3 square meals a day. We still have our meals 3 times a day and some of us indulge in the luxury of snacks in between those 3 meals. What has changed rather gone down or deteriorated is the nutrition factor. Compared to the high nutrition value in the food items that our parents and grandparents consumed few decades or a century back, like wheat, rice, cereals etc, the nutritional value of the same foods produced these days have gone down. And this has been proved with various scientific studies conducted over the last few decades.

The 3 square meals:

No prizes for cracking this puzzle. It is simple. The morning meal called Breakfast, followed by the afternoon meal called Lunch and the last one at night before we retire for the day called Dinner.

Scientists, Nutrition experts and Dieticians are unanimous in at least one view. They have called the breakfast the most important meal of the day. This does not imply that the other meals are any less important. Since breakfast is the first meal of the day, hence it is essential that we start our day with a balanced, nutrition rich and low in fat diet. The food acts as the fuel for our body and it is able to perform all the activities of the day. Just as in a car, if the fuel is pure and good, the car serves us well with low or no maintenance and better mileage per gallon of gas, similarly a good and nutritious breakfast will serve us well.

Sandwiches are a great way to snack as well as to start your day, provided it has the right ingredients. The good point these days you can get good spreads like Speculoos that are easy to use, taste great and provides more or less the same amount of nutrition to the body. Remember what we eat, the body breaks down in micro parts and that is used or burned to provide us energy. Hence what one should be looking for is how much protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber did the body get. If one gets the same or equivalent amount of these micro nutrients, then your meal is a healthy one. It does not necessarily matter whether you consumed the same in the form of vegetables, wheat, cereals etc. A tablet or capsule containing the same amount of micro nutrients is equally good if not better.

One such sandwich spread that is a rage through the world these days is Speculoos. It originated in Europe. The exact place or the region is in Netherland and Belgium. The phrase speculoos is taken from the Dutch word 'speculaas' and it is a type or form of biscuit or cookies The people of France re-christened the same and made it a International phenomenon by naming it, rather re-naming it Speculoos, the name by which we know of it today.

The great thing with this spread is that it is caramelized and tastes great, is natural and 100% vegetarian, and can used by both the kids and adults alike. It is also available in various packing and sizes. If you want to purchase for your home, you can buy a large pack or if you are planning a small tour, it comes in small handy packages as well.

The proof of the pudding as they say lies in the eating. Try Speculoos for yourself and be the judge.

Liquid Calories – What You Need to Know

When you are on the road to weight loss, you are presented with many options. Depending on the type of fitness regimen you are on, many ways, methods and strategies are given to you just to prevent yourself from snacking unnecessarily or ingesting what is more than necessary. The more sensible strategies include not skipping breakfast to stave off the need to eat empty calories during the day; eating smaller meals every two to three hours to keep you satiated and the metabolism humming and to drinking water first before eating solid food when hunger calls. The last one makes sense inasmuch as our body often mixes hunger and thirst signals and addressing the need for liquids first saves you the calories you would otherwise get from eating something solid.

However, not all dieters use water to meet their thirst requirement. Some drink milk to assuage dehydration, primarily because it's delicious. Others use soda or processed fruit juices that are chockfull of sugar because they are even more delicious. All these contain liquid calories and they count as much to your total caloric intake as those found in solid food.

When you're trying to lose weight, it is important to keep track of what you are drinking and how much calories you are taking in liquid form. Just because they smoothly go down your throat doesn't mean they can't contribute to the excess pounds in your belly. They are even more dangerous because they creep unsuspectingly. A bottle of creamy, delicious and frothy milk doesn't need to be chewed to be enjoyed. It's a comfort drink that reminds us of the warm and fuzzy feeling we had back in our childhood when drinking it before bedtime became a ritual worth looking forward to. As a rule, limiting your milk intake to only 4 ounces a day is enough. Choosing low-fat or non-fat varieties also helps keep the pounds in check.

On hot days, soda or some other sugared beverage may seem very tempting, but they set you back a few pounds in your quest to lose all the extra weight. Moreover, while the benefits of red wine for heart health may have been extolled, drinking a glass of wine during dinner may just be a bit too much. There are just too many calories in alcohol that making this a nightly ritual will definitely put more pounds to your frame in no time.

To prevent liquid calories from wrecking havoc on your weight loss program, try to stick with cool, clear water when thirst or hunger calls. Should you feel the need to drink something more delicious, don't go for sugared beverages or milk. Make your own from fresh fruit or vegetables so you know you're taking in complex sugars, not the refined ones that are usually present in ready-to-drink juices available in the grocery or the vending machines. As an alternative to reaching for high-calorie beverages, it's much better to snack on fresh fruit, vegetables or limited quantities of nuts. These choices contain lesser calories. They also let you avoid the pitfalls of blindly drinking liquid calories.

6 Juicy Fruits to Help You Stay Healthy and Fit This Holiday Season

Are you worried that you could get fat and unhealthy this holiday season yet you don't want to miss the fun of the celebration, especially indulging in delicious treats? Be in control of your health and fitness with these highly nutritious yet low in calorie juicy fruits.


Oranges are not only low in calories, but they also contain plentiful and diverse nutrients. This no saturated fats snack is very rich in pectin, which is a dietary fiber that is very effective in individuals with extra body weight. And like any other citrus fruits, oranges are a great source of powerful natural antioxidant, the vitamin C, which helps the body generate resistance as protection from infectious agents and hunt and clean up damaging, pro-inflammatory free radicals from your blood. So before you go out with friends and family this holiday, be sure to keep a whole of this fruit in your bag and eat it an hour before you hit the table for the feast. It makes you feel full and satisfied, leading you to eat just the right amount of delicious holiday treats.


According to scientific studies, consuming strawberries will earn your body a protection from possible threats of cancer, inflammation, aging and neurological diseases. Strawberries are a good source of different health promoting vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that are crucial for optimum health. The best part is this fruit is low in calories, meaning you can have as many as you want and acquire the necessary vitamins your body needs, like the B-complex group of vitamins, vitamins A and E, zeaxanthin, lutein and beta carotene. So why not take this sweet and juicy fruit as your snack before the feast. I personally enjoy it with breakfast cereal.


Looking for a portable version of the oranges? Well, tangerine is your best choice. This citrus fruit is one of the best shots to load your body with vitamins, like A and C, and minerals, such as phosphorus, calcium and potassium. But the bonus part, besides being low in calories, is that this juicy treat is rich in hemi-cellulose and pectin, which prevent cholesterol soaking up in the gut. Its ascorbic acid content helps in removing oxidant free radicals from your body, freeing you from illnesses like cold, arthritis and fever to name a few. So, instead of satisfying yourself with candies before the celebration, grab one or two with this fruit for a healthy taste bud stimulate.


This is yet another great fruit to help boost your immune system. Its vitamin C is about 73.3% of the daily value ahead of vitamin A, which is also high at about 23.7%. This is your one great help if you are boosting your ascorbic acid intake to avoid experiencing or protect yourself from asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Besides the nutrimental value, its calorie count is very low at 42 per 100 grams, not to mention its content also includes lycopene, xanthin, beta-carotene and lutein.


If you don't want to have heart attack one of these days, especially during holidays, you should consume fruits that are rich in health promoting phyto-chemicals, like apricots. Like oranges, apricot is a great source of the natural anti-oxidant, vitamin C. It is also a sought-after fruit for its minerals, such as iron, calcium, zinc, manganese and potassium, which is a crucial component of cell and body fluids that help regulate blood pressure and heart rate. This low in calories snack is also rich in carotene, which helps protect the body from the unwanted types of diseases, such as lung and oral cavity cancers.


Like the aforementioned fruits, watermelon is also a great source of the major natural anti-oxidant, vitamin C. In addition, this good tasting, watery treat is also rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A, which together helps prevent glaucoma and supports good eyesight. Besides being low in calories, which is a requirement to stay fit, the combination of vitamin C and beta carotene, as scientific studies suggested, has also indicated a tendency for defending against a variety of cancers and heart disease, not to mention relieving arthritic and asthma problems.

Feast and celebrations usually lead us to consuming unwanted food elements unconsciously. But that surely can be minimized if we know how to fool our hungry stomach and satisfy our taste buds. The above fruits not only can help us stay fit, and are loaded with nutrients necessary for us to stay healthy, but are also a great-tasting snack, enough to make feel full and satisfied just before we hit the table for the treats.

Have a Good Spring Breakfast

Spring is around the corner, and you'll finally be able to ride your bike around, play with the kids at the park or take the dog for long walks without fearing you'll get a cold. Now that the weather conditions will allow you to spend your time outdoors in a more active manner, you'll need some more energy to stay busy, and you'll need to start with a nutritious, delicious breakfast to get you going.

Whether it's work day and you're heading to one of the CPA firms or it's weekend and you plan on playing golf and hitting the outlets, you need to eat breakfast before leaving the house because this most important meal of the day gives you the necessary energy to work or play, but it also jumpstarts your metabolism for the day. So enjoy the sunshine outside and get up ten minutes earlier to be able to sit down and eat a good breakfast instead of grabbing something unhealthy on the run.

If you have no ideas for a balanced breakfast, reach for staples and put a little twist on them. Scramble a couple of eggs and look for different veggies, cheese, and ham in the fridge. It's all up to your preferences what you make your scramble with, but consider adding spinach leaves, corn, tomatoes, mushrooms, even broccoli to the eggs for a healthier mix. Toss in some shredded cheese and ham, give it a stir and your breakfast is ready. If cooking takes up more time than you expected, or you're still getting used to getting up earlier, stuff your eggs into pita bread for a healthy breakfast to go.

If you're not a fan of eggs or prefer your breakfast cold, a quick salad is the way to go. Spring is the vegetable time so it's a great idea to make a cucumber, tomato, radish and scallion mix for a crunchy meal. You can also have some cottage cheese on the side or prepare a yogurt sauce with herbs and spices for extra health. And if you prefer fruit, some fresh berries, banana, apple, nuts and raisins topped with natural yogurt mixed with honey will fill you up and pack enough energy to get you going.

If a sweet breakfast is right for you, forget sugary cereal and go for a spring special. Toast some oatmeal and almonds until they brown lightly, add raisins, cranberries, honey and water, and cook for about five minutes. Then add milk and cook another five minutes, adding your favorite spring fruit towards the end. You can mix in shredded apples, sliced bananas, pineapple chunks, as well as dried apricots or fresh ginger, and you'll have a meal that takes care of hunger and helps keep your cholesterol in check at the same time.

It's important to eat a healthy breakfast all year long, but spring, when the weather changes drastically and you're more prone to colds, and when you notice those few extra pounds leftover from the holiday season, is the best time to eat fruits and veggies in addition to breakfast staples to get you on track with your weight and health, so you can enjoy the sun and get ready for even more outdoorsy summer.

Some Things To Know About Calorie In Fruit

If you are planning to lose weight, you will hear many advices imploring you to include fruits in your diet. This is because fruits are great powerhouses of energy and they have high nutritional value. More so, including fruits in your diet ensures that you do not starve yourself because you want to lose weight. However, you should know that there is also calorie in fruit.

The key to losing weight is to eat foods that have fewer calories than you expend in your day-to-day activities. If you constantly eat foods that provide you with the number of calories that you use on a daily basis, you will find out that there will be no difference in your weight.

The point that you always need to remember is that fruits also contain calories if to a lesser extent. This is not to say that you can afford to ditch fruits and vegetables in favor of junk food. If you do that, you will be doing yourself more harm than good. However, to ensure that you successfully lose weight, you need to count the calories in your food.

For instance, some fruits are classified as low calorie fruits, while others are classified as being mid or high in calories. Low calorie have less than forty calories in a half cup serving, those in the mid category have more than forty but less than seventy, while those in the high category have above seventy in half cup serving.

If you consume a high volume of fruits per serving, you may inadvertently be consuming more calories. For instance, if you normally go for chicken and chips at lunch but you later choose to go for four apples instead, you will be consuming up to four hundred calories because an apple contains about one hundred calories.

Thus, if you want to eat fruits it may be a wise idea to know the number of calories each fruit contain so that you can make informed decisions. If you know the number of calories that are contained in each of the fruits, you will be able to make a sound decision on the numbers to include per serving.

There are many resources on the internet where you can find information about the amount of calorie in fruit. In addition, some online resources also have calculators that you can use to count the number of calories in salads and other meals. If you keep these tips in mind, it will surely help you in your bid to lose weight.

Slim Fast Review Review of The Slim Fast Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe

Followers of the Slim-Fast diet eat 3 snacks, 2 shakes or bars and 1 "proper" healthy meal per day. On its UK website, Slim-Fast provides 31 suggested recipes that can be used by followers of its diet, and which count as healthy, proper meals. As Slim-Fast dieters only get to eat one real meal per day, it is essential that this one meal per day is appealing and appetising. Otherwise, we suspect that most people wouldn't last long! In this third in a new series of articles we review another of these 31 recipes - Spaghetti Bolognese.


The following recipe makes 1 serving.

My opinion

I thought this was a decent recipe, which I give 3.5 stars out of a possible 5 stars. The taste was good, although it could be improved through the additional of some worcester sauce or even brown sauce. I would also double the amount of garlic in order to make the taste even better. As with the other Slim-Fast recipes that we have reviewed recently, the portion size is good and it would be sufficient to fill up even the hungriest of dieters. As an alternative to spaghetti, I would also serve this with a jacket potato - since there are lots of juices produced in the cooking of this recipe.

The costs of this recipe

One serving of this recipe costs approximately 1.54, based on an actual shop undertaken on the 28th of June 2012 for the purposes of undertaking this review.