Great Tasting Sandwiches With Speculoos

What is Speculoos? Before I start answering the question, let me provide a brief background on our food, diet and our habits regarding the same. With the changing times, our food habits and diet has undergone a change. In some cases a sea change. However some things have not changed with the changing times, like the concept of 3 square meals a day. We still have our meals 3 times a day and some of us indulge in the luxury of snacks in between those 3 meals. What has changed rather gone down or deteriorated is the nutrition factor. Compared to the high nutrition value in the food items that our parents and grandparents consumed few decades or a century back, like wheat, rice, cereals etc, the nutritional value of the same foods produced these days have gone down. And this has been proved with various scientific studies conducted over the last few decades.

The 3 square meals:

No prizes for cracking this puzzle. It is simple. The morning meal called Breakfast, followed by the afternoon meal called Lunch and the last one at night before we retire for the day called Dinner.

Scientists, Nutrition experts and Dieticians are unanimous in at least one view. They have called the breakfast the most important meal of the day. This does not imply that the other meals are any less important. Since breakfast is the first meal of the day, hence it is essential that we start our day with a balanced, nutrition rich and low in fat diet. The food acts as the fuel for our body and it is able to perform all the activities of the day. Just as in a car, if the fuel is pure and good, the car serves us well with low or no maintenance and better mileage per gallon of gas, similarly a good and nutritious breakfast will serve us well.

Sandwiches are a great way to snack as well as to start your day, provided it has the right ingredients. The good point these days you can get good spreads like Speculoos that are easy to use, taste great and provides more or less the same amount of nutrition to the body. Remember what we eat, the body breaks down in micro parts and that is used or burned to provide us energy. Hence what one should be looking for is how much protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber did the body get. If one gets the same or equivalent amount of these micro nutrients, then your meal is a healthy one. It does not necessarily matter whether you consumed the same in the form of vegetables, wheat, cereals etc. A tablet or capsule containing the same amount of micro nutrients is equally good if not better.

One such sandwich spread that is a rage through the world these days is Speculoos. It originated in Europe. The exact place or the region is in Netherland and Belgium. The phrase speculoos is taken from the Dutch word 'speculaas' and it is a type or form of biscuit or cookies The people of France re-christened the same and made it a International phenomenon by naming it, rather re-naming it Speculoos, the name by which we know of it today.

The great thing with this spread is that it is caramelized and tastes great, is natural and 100% vegetarian, and can used by both the kids and adults alike. It is also available in various packing and sizes. If you want to purchase for your home, you can buy a large pack or if you are planning a small tour, it comes in small handy packages as well.

The proof of the pudding as they say lies in the eating. Try Speculoos for yourself and be the judge.