Low Fat Foods

Often it seems that the world is simply obsessed about losing weight. But, even though there are more diet products and books designed to help you get rid of body fat and promise easy weight loss, the fact of the matter is that Americans are getting fatter with each passing year.

Vegetables including tomatoes that contain no extra salt and fruits in gently syrup with no added sugar. Legumes and grains like kidney beans, pinto beans, lentils, chickpeas etc. can be used dried or canned. Water- packed canned fish like salmon, tuna and pilchards.

This is the easiest way to determine if a packaged food is actually low in fat. Now, bear with me a bit, because these can be deceptive, too. First, note the serving size. All the other amounts on the label are based on that amount, not the whole package. If you're only managing your fat intake, there are only two other items on the label you need to look at.

The problem with these products, apart from the fact they are not a natural food source, is they have been shown to stimulate your appetite. If the foods you are eating contain artificial sweeteners, like you will find in diet soft drinks and sugar replacements for your coffee, your bodies ability to detect fullness is compromised. This means your brain will not be able to receive the message from the stomach that it is full.

There is also some evidence to support the view that eating a lot of low fat food has special advantages. For instance, studies show that women who eat a lot of low fat dairy foods (such as skim milk) are 30% less likely to develop breast cancer than women who eat few of these foods.

It's an ironic fact that we have all been eating more and lower fat foods over the past 10 years and in spite of that the average person is fatter now than ever before! So what does that tell you about low fat foods?

Actually some reports indicate there is no real connection between fatty foods and fat tissue in the body. Think about this, if you ate a lot of sugar you're probably going to gain weight. But there is no fat in sugar.

But, you want to lose weight, and you want to lose it fast. You can, but it has to be done correctly, not rushing into buying diet pills and other kinds of stupid medications that don't work. There are a few simple factors that could be stopping you from shedding those extra pounds, like eating meals late in the evening, eating fatty foods and even eating at the wrong times of day, can make your body hold on to the fat.

Chicken is the low fat food would satisfy both your taste and concern of weight loss. Further, if you are more conscious regarding the fat intake then you can opt for the white meat available in the drumsticks and thighs of the chicken. This is particularly because these portions very less fat content.